Friday, July 20, 2012

Field Development and Energy

Are you considering a VHD and wondering what the Wessls are like? They are active; think pointer energy with the retrieving desire of the lab! Not unlike any other hunting dog, but she is intense. When she figured out the retrieving dummies were on the mantle or in the garage, she wouldn't and still won't stop trying to get to them. Before we picked Brie up at 52 days I wondered what level of prey drive and "birdiness" she would have. Those thoughts and concerns are gone. At 8 weeks she would scent a bird wing on the lawn from 20 or 30 feet downwind and race to it. At 4 months old she was fairly uncontrollable when searching out quail, ducks and pheasants on our daily field trips. At 7 months, her attitiude in the field changed and she showed a much better level of cooperation. She ranges from 30 to 300 yards out depending on cover and my attention to her, but she always checks back and works with me. Don't get me wrong, when she is distracted she doesn't hear well but when she realizes I want her back she is headed my way at a run.

At home she isn't needy, she doesn't want to be on your lap or in your face and if she isn't sleeping, chewing on a bone or bringing you a toy, she is headed to the back yard to hunt .....anything. On the other hand she sleeps all night on the dog bed (one side or corner of our king bed) with no problem.

In the next post I'll talk about foundation dogs and size; if you have any specifc questions, just send me a note and I'll respond ASAP.


  1. Thanks for this resource. It would be great to see follow-ups on where the breed is headed, and what some current examples of the breed are up to. I'm very encouraged to see a new working breed reflecting American realities. Most of the current new "types" seem to be of the Labradoodle pet variety.

  2. Thanks for posting it is hard to find any good information on this breed, could you post other basic information like, shedding, trainability, are they good with other pets, are they as personable as a lab or more aloof like a pointer, and how are they in very cold water, and any other additional information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Good to find your site. Just wanted to ask some questions since it's two years on. How has she developed? Still pleased with the wessl? I live in Missoula and am looking at a suitable VHD for up here. GSPs seem to be standard fair around these parts. But came across the Wessl online and am intrigued. How do they compare to a "traditional" pointer? I've got the same question as Sir Remington - Are they as personable as a lab or more pointer? Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated. Thanks for your thoughts...