Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why a Wessl?

Why a wesslpointer? After years of great labs, wirehairs, and drathaars, I love the lab coat and drive to retrieve with the run and pointing drive of the elhew and shorthair. I also got tired of picking burrs!
If your considering a VHD for the first time, true versatility requires some patient training to bring out the best in pointing, retrieving, and tracking but Brie has been a natural at all three. 


  1. Hi,

    This blog stuff is new to me, sorry if this is a duplicate comment. Can you give info on Brie's expected adult size, range when hunting upland, and endurance and activity levels?

    Thanks for starting this blog.

    1. Good morning Basin Chuckars,
      The blog stuff is new to me too and little intimidating since everything is public! Thanks for the questions.
      The short answer is 55-60 pounds expected adult size with great endurance. Remember these are 1/2 shorthair, 1/4 english pointer, and 1/4 pointing lab. I wanted a dog that could run with our mules on 3-4 hour rides. As a puppy I'm not putting her into that level work but we'll work into that. I have seen several older dogs around the Boise area, a couple are in the 75-85 pound range but some excercise and regular work would drop them into the 65-75 pound range.
      Take a look at my last post on Field Development and Energy. I believe most of the dogs Bill is producing are going to be in the 55-65 range.
      Check back and feel free to email or call me.